The Associate Membership programme of the e-Shodh Sindhu has been launched wherein selected e-resources subscribed under the Consortium are available on subscription to private universities and other academic institutions at the rates of subscription and terms and conditions of subscription applicable to core members of the Consortium. Under the scheme, private universities and other institutions would be welcomed to join the Consortium and enroll themselves as Associate Member of the Consortium and subscribe to e-resources of their choice available through the Consortium.

The members would be required to accept the Terms and Conditions of the the Consortium as well as the subscription terms of the publishers applicable to the other members of the Consortium.

IMPORTANT NOTE:The Consortium charges an annual membership fee of Rs. 10,000.00 for joining the Consortium. The annual membership fees is applicable only if the institution wish to subscribe to at least one resource as Associate Member.

The terms of Associate Membership Programme is as follows:

  • Membership Fee: The annual membership fee Rs. 10,000/- (payable only if institution subscribes atleast one resource) inclusive of Service Tax will be paid by the Associate Members to INFLIBNET Centre. The membership fee is non-refundable.
  • Subscription Fee: The subscription fee payable to the publishers / agents with applicable service tax extra and the payment has to be made directly to the publishers / agents.
  • The Associate Members will require to sign a MoU with INFLIBNET Centre with minimum period of three years subscription.

NOTE:Colleges who are member of NLIST Programme NEED NOT Register AGAIN