Report on 4th National iETD 2017

4th National iETD 2017 Conference on Theme: "Re-Envisaging iETDs: Roles and Responsibilities" was organised at INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar from 13 to 15 December, 2017 followed by Advanced Training Programme on Shodhganga.

This national conference on iETD 2017 is fourth in the series. The first national conference was organized in JNU, New Delhi on March 22nd-23rd, 2012. The second and third national conference was organised at INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar from 22nd-23rd January, 2015 and on 5-7 October, 2016 respectively.

The fourth national conference served as an excellent educational opportunity to librarians, research scholars, supervisors and other ETD professionals from universities to create/build policy on ETD/anti-plagiarism and maintain their digital repositories by interacting each other. The goal of the conference was to offer relevant, practice-oriented content to support National ETD productivity improvement, ETD professionals, advance ETD operations, and encourage the creation of quality repository for national ETDs in India.

The major objectives of the conference were:

  • To impart knowledge on creating and managing ETDs.
  • To provide opportunity to the participants to exchange ideas and enrich their respective programmes on ETDs.
  • To formulate policies based on the input and discussions of experts for deterring plagiarism in academic sector.
  • To create awareness on ethics and academic integrity and hands-on for using plagiarism detection software.
  • Introduction to Shodhganga/Shodhgangotri for submitting the theses and to outreach the ETD professionals.
  • Flawless submission process with digitisation techniques.
  • ETD Search and Browse Sessions and techniques.
  • Important issues like Plagiarism, Copyright and Creative Common Licences for ETDs etc.
  • The National conference aimed at enhancing the quality of ETDs, creation and maintenance of ETDs at university as well as national level.

Prof. Kamlesh Joshipura, Hon'ble Governing Board member of the INFLIBNET Centre and former Vice Chancellor, Saurashtra University, inaugurated the programme by lighting the ceremonial lamp in presence of Dr. Nabi Hasan, University Librarian, Aligarh Muslim University. Dr Hasan Jamal Abidi, University Librarian, Jamia Milia Islamia, Mr. Manoj Kumar K, Scientist D (CS), Mr. H. G. Hosamani, Scientist C (LS), and Ms. Suboohi S, STO (LS), INFLIBNET Centre. In his Inaugural address he emphasised on the measures to be taken to improve the quality of research in Universities as well as precautions to be taken to avoid plagiarism which is a major challenge for the Higher Education. He also pointed that draft policy is released by the UGC which may include some of these points.

Mr. Manoj Kumar K, Convener welcomed the guests and participants, and gave the brief information about the INFLIBNET Centre and iETD. He also thanked the Universities to make the repository to about 173000+. Dr. Nabi Hasan delivered keynote address wherein he highlighted the process of digitisation of theses carried out at the AMU. Ms Suboohi briefed about the three days programme of iETD 2017. Mr. H. G. Hosamani extended a warm vote of thanks at the end of the inaugural function. The Top 10 contributors are facilitated during the program for submitting the highest theses to the repository.

About 50 Participates from more than 30 Universities attended the Program including Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Milia Islamia University, Gujarat University, M S University, IIT Gandhinagar, Savtribai Phule Pune University and Central University of Kashmir.

The Program is coordinated by Mr. Manoj Kumar K, Scientist D (CS), Convenor and Ms. Suboohi S., STO (LS), Co-Convenor.

Major resolutions of the Conference are;

  • Populating and popularising Shodhganga to more Universities which are not yet signed MoU.
  • Conduct more awareness program to outreach to more academics and students.
  • Other institute like CFTIs should be pro actively encourage to join Shodhganga.
  • Keywords hierarchy should be defined based on Subject of the thesis (e.g Natural Sciences-Chemistry- Biochemistry- [Keyword from title, keywords from Theses])
  • Citation or Bibliographic details containing Title, Name of the Researcher, Name of the Supervisor, Department, University, Year of Award, etc. to be included in each Chapter of the thesis.
  • More awareness about plagiarism should be conducted to deter plagiarism in Universities.
  • Regional language Theses should be created in UNICODE for standardisation.
  • In the context of bandwidth is being getting stabilised in the country, it is suggested to create a single soft copy of the thesis to upload into Shodhganga.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) and backup solutions should be explored with cloud hosting.
  • Credential for creation and editing of Metadata may be provided to the approved University Coordinators.
  • INFLIBNET should take lead on proper implementation of Plagiarism Policy in Universities and asked for a one page report along with all theses.
  • Features like downloading one single thesis in a one click as a ZIP file.
  • University may modify the guideline to include one softcopy of Metadata along with the thesis.
  • An Addendum to the MoU signed between INFLIBNET Centre and University may be added to included the major high lights given below (Draft Addendum MoU attached)

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