Yield, economics and available soil moisture as influenced by soil types in different rabi crops under

Santosh Upanal, A K Guggari, H B Babalad, I M Sarwad, H Venkatesh, A B Patil


A field experiment was carried out during rabi 2007-08 at the Regional Agricultural Research Station, Bijapur to find out the influence of soil moisture and soil types on yield and economics of different rabi crops. The experiment was laid out in spilt plot design with four replications comprising two main plot treatments as soil types (medium black and deep black) and five sub plot treatments as crops (sorghum, sunflower, chickpea, coriander and safflower). The results showed that, sorghum grain equivalent yield, net returns and BC ratio were significantly higher in sunflower crop (2811 kg/ha, ` 26700/ha and 4.16, respectively) followed by chickpea (1981 kg/ha, ` 17078/ha and 3.18 , respectively). Significantly higher totalmoisture stored (452.82 mm/0.9 m depth) during the cropping period and consumptive us of water (219.52 mm/0.9 m depth) were noticed in sunflower crop, while significantly higher water use efficiency (8.27 kg/ha-mm) was noticed in sorghum crop.

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