Functional Groups

Access Management Group

Objectives and Responsibilities

Access Management Group is responsible for examining and evaluating tools and technologies, including Web proxies, Shibboleth, Referring URL, Kerberos, etc. that are in vogue for authenticating users to access and operate upon digital materials irrespective of their login location. The Group works on access management technologies, especially using open source software, with an aim to help universities to adopt authentication technologies to facilitate access to e-resources to the off-campus community. The Group also works on other aspects of access management in light of the fact that Centre is involved in the process of building digital repositories of electronic theses and dissertations (Shodhganga), e-prints, preprints, manuscripts, etc.

Major Activities

  • Configure and implement customized Shibboleth-based Access Management system
  • Configuring, installation and maintenance of customized version of EZ-Proxy at INFLIBNET Centre
  • Help member universities to install and configure Web-based proxy and VPNs to facilitate off-campus access to subscribed e-resources
  • Use appropriate access management technology to deter misuse of SOUL software