Functional Groups

E-Resource Management

Objectives and Responsibilities:

Major objectives of the Group is to provide current as well as archival access to e-resources to faculty, researchers and students in colleges and universities at a highly discounted rates of subscription and at the best terms and conditions using consortia approach. The Group also evaluates impact of access to peer-reviewed scholarly content on research productivity of the institutions both in terms of quality and quantity of publications in colleges and universities. The Group imparts training to the users, librarians, research scholars and faculty on use of electronic resources with an aim to optimize their usage.

Major Activities

The Group implements, monitors and executes all consortia initiatives taken-up by the Centre. Major activities of the Group are:

  • Coordinating meetings of its Committees including National Steering Committee, Negotiation Committee, Resource Selection Committee, etc.
  • Negotiating rates of subscription and its terms and conditions;
  • Ensures IP-based access of subscribed e-resources to beneficiary universities;
  • Attend to the problems faced by universities and colleges and liaise with publishers to resolve such problems;
  • Develop tutorials and promotion materials, impart training and technical support to member universities;
  • Propagate the Consortium amongst other institutions so as to extend its benefits to other institutions by enrolling Associate Members;
  • Evaluate subscribed e-resources and monitor its usage regularly;
  • Examine and amend license agreement with publishers for access to various electronic resources on behalf of members;
  • Maintain and update website of the Consortium;
  • Organize awareness programme to promote e-resources;
  • Improve cooperation and communication amongst member universities;
  • Measure impact of access to e-resources on research output in beneficiary universities; and
  • Present periodic report on extent of usage of e-resources, economics of the consortium and its impact on research output.