Functional Groups

Web Services R & D

Objectives and Responsibility:

Major objective of the Group is to provide organized and structured access to services and resources offered by the Centre to the user community through the Centre's Website. The Group ensures that Website of the Centre functions as an integrated interface for all services and resources accessible to the user community in the universities. The Group designs innovative web-based interfaces for effective and efficient delivery of services using the latest web-based tools and technologies. The Group undertakes all activities related to selection, organization and presentation of services and resources in a meaningful way for the benefit of the user community.

  • Design and update INFLIBNET Web sites incorporating various activities and services of the Centre.
  • Promote services and activities of the Centre through the website and provide detailed report on visitors and users of the site.
  • Maintenance of web services running at the site.
  • Identify hardware and software requirements for web servers and to improve the Centre's Infrastructure with the latest available technologies.
  • Install and provide support for open source software at the Centre and advice the participating libraries with regard to hardware and software requirement.